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Welcome to Peripatetic Endodontics

Hello, my name is Ron Baran, and I travel among dental offices and do root canals that other practitioners would rather not do. I offer this service because I've always enjoyed doing root canals, but running a general practice kept taking me away from my endo.

My goal is to provide patients in the Metropolitan Chicago area with the highest quality endodontic care possible. I’m committed to going the extra mile to ensure that your patients’ visits are as comfortable as possible.

Endodontic treatment is anxiety provoking for many patients, so it can be comforting for them to know that there is a skilled professional at the helm. 

My program is straightforward.

I bring all the instrumentation necessary to provide comprehensive endodontic treatment right in your office. A plan such as this accommodates your patients for root canal treatments you might ordinarily refer out of your office. You can now concentrate on treatments that you prefer to do, rather than root canals that you prefer not to do.

There are a number of benefits for both your patients and your practice that are detailed throughout this website. In general, though, your patients will receive individualized attention from a highly skilled practitioner in the comfort and familiarity of your office, and you will be able to save your patients money while adding revenue to your bottom line.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you and your patients.


Ron Baran DDS, MBA, MA

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I sold my private general practice a few years ago and transitioned into dedicating my time and effort to the field of endodontics and embarked on my traveling root canal career.
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