Ronald B Baran DDS PC


I sold my private general practice a few years ago, transitioned into dedicating my time and effort to the field of endodontics, and embarked on my traveling root canal career.

What I Do

Now I divide my time among a number of practices and bring along most of the armamentarium I need to perform, what I consider to be, some pretty good RCTs. I’m pretty humble, so you judge for yourself by taking a peek at the “X-Ray Gallery” section of this site. You start to get the hang of things after 5,000 root canals.

The before and after images were not cherry picked. I just saved the radiographs of the first three patients I saw on a sunny Wednesday; the fourth one didn’t show up – it happens.

What I Need from You

Because I tote most of what I need in my handy-dandy Menards Plano-Pro-Rolling-Workstation, the only other things you need to provide are:

  • Patients
  • Comfy patient dental chair
  • Dentist and assistant stools (comfy optional)
  • X-ray unit
  • Assistant
  • Various and sundry “consumables”: Patient napkins, 2x2s, and the like

By the way, if you just happen to have an operating microscope or a cone beam CT unit hanging around, so much the better.

Most of my treatments consist of first and second molars, but I’ve been known, on occasion, to tackle the dreaded central incisors. Or you can do those if you want.

I’m not particularly slavish to any one endo system but use whatever system works faster and better in a given situation – hand files, K3s, Safe Siders, Hedstrom, Light Speed, or Wave One Gold.

After a fun day of RCTs, all of the equipment comes back to my lab where each piece is examined under magnification, cleaned, disinfected, run through the ultras, and then sent to a relaxing hour in my Tuttnauer 2340M steam sterilizer.

Life is good.

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